Mansfield Children's School
        About Us
        Our Philosophy
        Established in 1978, our preschool offers a creative, stimulating, child-centered environment whose primary focus is to build and enhance good self-esteem and effective social interactions. The physical setting is a developmentally active one that is full of learning experiences in which teachers and children learn from each other through constant interchange of ideas. Our quality program provides a wide range of materials that encourages each child to have fun while exploring their environment and broadening their experiences. Activities and routines for the day are purposefully planned to promote learning in small informal groups. The school reflects the staff's belief that it is crucial to recognize the uniqueness of each child by focusing on those character and personality traits that make each child different. Our developmental, "hands-on" learning approach has an educational component that leads to discovery and effective problem solving.
Art Table Reading Loft House Corner Writing Center
Art Table Reading Loft House Corner Writing Center
        Ratio of Teachers/Children
        1 : 7 --our 2-day program for 3 and 4 yr. olds.
        1 : 10 --our 3-day Pre-K program        

            Our facility is designed to accommodate three small classrooms of approximately 10 children per room--this lends itself to a low-key, non threatening atmosphere. Throughout the day, our small group classrooms give the teachers an opportunity to work one-to-one with the children to promote language and communication skills.

        A one-hour language time takes place at the beginning of each day and offers our children a variety of "creative thinking" activities through the use of games, visuals and interactive exchange of ideas. Our small classroom size allows each child to participate fully and take their turn without a long wait.

        Potty Training Not Required

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