Mansfield Children's School
Special Features

A few of our many special features include:

"Safety Kids" Program
Personal empowerment provides our children with practical skills to recognize and avoid dangerous situations that lead to crimes against kids. They learn how to call for help and how to help themselves when they get lost. Our curriculum encompasses lots of cool stuff that keeps the subject on-going and keeps kids aware. Safety Kid rule #1: "No one has the right to hurt me because I am Special." We offer parent workshops that provide parents with the tools, ideas, and materials to use when talking to children at home. Contact our school for more information regarding our child ID kit.
Pre-K Enrichment Program
Many of our creative, hands-on experiences offered during our morning preschool program set the groundwork for our extended day program. Our Enrichment Program gives our children the opportunity to take many of their acquired skills to the next level and expand their personal interests.
Small group student-teacher interactions
Our facility is set up to accommodate three small classrooms of approximately 10 children per room - this lends itself to a low-key, non-threatening atmosphere. Throughout the day, our small group classrooms give the teachers an opportunity to work one-to-one with the children to promote language and communications skills. An hour-long language time takes place at the beginning of each day and offers our children a variety of "creative thinking" activities through the use of games, visuals, and interactive exchange of ideas. Our small group allows each child to participate fully and take their turn without a long wait.
Parent Involvement
Mansfield Children's School encourages a partnership between home and school. A number of parent programs are planned throughout the school year that invite our families to share in their child's preschool experience. An Open Door Policy is maintained.
Cultural Education
Many unique customs of the United States are based on traditions brought and shared by cultures from around the world. We find that our children are fascinated to explore what other children do far away, and learn about their similarities and differences. Throughout the school year, we visit several different cultures and experience their art, music, and language. We have collected many artifacts from around the world that the children use in the classroom for hands-on activites.
Music Enrichment
A great deal of learning through music takes place on a daily basis. We bring music into the classroom every day as many of our teachers play a musical instrument. The children enjoy the silly lyrics that we compose and the interactive songs that make them laugh. Even the shyest child participates in our musical games and sing-a-longs.
Teacher Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Parking is available for parents who enjoy walking their child into the classroom. However, we are glad to greet your child at your car and walk them into the school at arrival and walk your child back to the car at dismissal. Parents find that our Teacher Drop-Off and Pick-Up is very convenient, particularly when younger siblings are travelling to preschool with them during arrival and dismissal.
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